“…music of instant appeal and enduring quality performed with zealous passion recorded in excellent sound. Well-worth investigating.”
Nick Barnard, MusicWeb-International, Oct 2010, Orchestral Music, NI6129, Grand Rapids Symphony, David Lockington

“….his 1972 student work Symphonic Music for Strings and Brass was performed in 2002…the piece stands up as a remarkable achievement for a student composer of barely 21.” Peter Dickinson – Gramophone

“I was bowled over by ‘concert overture’ ‘The Gale of Life’….I feel that the form and the orchestration of this overture admirably reflects the sentiment of the ‘unsettling and disturbing’ words of Housman’s great poem. This is powerful music that evokes Sawyers’ trademark balance of juxtaposing ‘quite traditional chords and a highly chromatic, freely dissonant harmonic vocabulary.’…The Symphony No. 1 is an impressive work. The work concludes with a stunning peroration, ending on a not altogether unexpected D major chord.” John France – MusicWeb International