“All in all this is an excellent disc, powerful music presented in performances it is hard to imagine being easily surpassed. This is accessible in the best sense ? knotty but not opaque, challenging but compelling. When it is this good not a lot else matters.” Nick Barnard in MusicWeb International” 2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“Power, strength and expressive range are here a-plenty, and the continuous flow of the music is gripping. The performances are totally committed and the recording quality is really fine. This is the kind of music that gives one hope for the future of our art.” Robert Matthew-Walker in Classical Source, 2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“Sawyers is a composer of real quality. His music is always fascinating in its breadth of ideas as well as its execution as this disc so amply demonstrates.” Steve Arloff in MusicWeb International,?2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“The three works have an instant melodic appeal without in any way being populist. Added to this melodic gift the composer writes music that actually goes somewhere. I think we have something really special here.” John Whitmore in MusicWeb International, 2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“Three works of strong personality, genuine substance and warm-hearted integrity. Boasting admirable sound and judicious balance, this rewarding disc earns the strongest recommendation.” Andrew Achenbach in the Gramophone, 2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“There is nothing ugly, no tedium and it is not stop and start music but flows in a welcome coherence. There are not clichés either and its language is somewhat original. (Cello Concerto) A colourful eventful piece…there is activity, life, melodic lines, drama and purpose. It is music that is rich, well developed and satisfying. (2nd Symphony)” David C F Wright in www.wrightmusic.net,2 Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281

“….an effortless demonstration that the history of music can proceed in an unbroken line and the music of yesterday can accommodate the best products of today. There is much pleasure in observing with what freedom and resource Sawyers shows passing respect for 12-tone techniques. The CD reflects great credit on all the performers but most on the composer.” Robert Anderson,?2nd Symphony, Cello Concerto, Concertante, NI6281